Have you ever felt stuck? Like you were repeating the same old self-destructive patterns over and over again–regarding health, relationships, happiness and creativity? Have you tried therapy? Meditation? Has it helped? Perhaps Breathwork will.

If you sense that life could be sweeter and there might be an easier way to find that sweetness, maybe it’s time to consider Transformational Breathwork.

Breathwork is a form of circular breathing that takes us to the source of thoughts and beliefs which set the tone for our lives and have often been with us since birth or early childhood.

Breathwork is a powerful, safe, and gentle breathing technique that releases fear, stress, doubt, trauma, anger, and other unwanted patterns in our lives.

Coupled with the breathing is a deep exploration of those repetitive thoughts and beliefs that tend to define and limit our world. Another aspect is the use of energy work to balance and harmonize the body and emotions, dissolving energetic blocks to well-being.

Breathwork is a gentle way to unravel limitations so that you may:

  •         Experience deep healing, increased energy, and greater ease
  •         Bring more intimacy, passion, joy, and balance into your life
  •         Dissolve limiting beliefs which keep you from your heart’s desire
  •         Expand into a greater sense of well-being and safety

By learning to breathe consciously and fully, you will discover, unwind, and free yourself from thoughts and emotions which may have limited you in finding the happiness and joy that are your birthright.